Adventurous trip to Aberdovey for pupils at Welton CE Academy

Year 6 pupils at Daventry’s Welton CE Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, enjoyed an action-packed residential trip to Aberdovey in Wales. 

During their week-long stay, pupils had the chance to experience the great outdoors whilst learning about the importance of teamwork.

Young explorers took part in a variety of activities throughout the week, including sand dune exploring at Ynyslas, a hill walk to the beautiful Blue Lake at Fairbourne and sliding down a river gorge.

Mike Colcombe, Headteacher at Welton CE Academy, said: “Not only do trips like this help our pupils develop a love for the outdoors, but they also play a new key role in building pupil’s confidence by helping them to learn new skills.

“Through the David Ross Education Trust, we are extremely privileged be able to offer our pupils an array of exciting new experiences that will help them to grow.”

As part of the David Ross Education Trust, Welton CE Academy has a firm belief in creating outstanding citizens. The school’s diverse and well-structured learning experiences encourage pupils to work together and participate in several activities involving elements of teamwork.